Weekend Reset

Weekend Reset

Hi, friends!

Just a quick note to share some highlights from the weekend. It was lovely! I had to work late on Friday for an event, then had an extremely busy day at work on Saturday for a family day I coordinated, so by Saturday evening I was exhausted and ready for some relaxation. I started watching The Good Wife (7 years late to that bandwagon) and thoroughly enjoyed an early night of Netflixing. It was necessary. It was fantastic.

On Sunday I was up bright and early to participate in the annual Jingle Bell Run for the Cayman Islands Crisis Center. I chose to run the 10km (you could do 5km or 10km, walk or run) and was a little nervous because I hadn’t run that distance since being in Cayman. The route was a straight, there-and-back 5km stretch, which meant that you just did it twice for the 10km. Despite my feet hurting (I’m cursed with very long second toes and now realise I need to buy bigger trainers) and a bit of knee pain at the end, I felt good (mentally and energetically). It was a really great atmosphere! The whole thing was very casual and community oriented, and was capped off with a post-race breakfast and raffle on the beach at Calico Jack’s. While the whole event felt jovial and festive. . . as mentioned, proceeds supported the Crisis Center, which provides shelter for women and children who have experienced domestic violence, in addition to a 24hr hotline and various outreach programmes. If you’re in Cayman, please consider donating money or goods to the Crisis Center. 

TIRED and happy!
Will run for food (and worthwhile causes)
Sandra won grocery money!
Post-run breakfast view. What a world.


The rest of Sunday was spent recuperating on the beach by the Marriott. Felt like a tourist, fruity cocktail and all. Bliss!

YES to this Coconut Mule.
YES to playing tourist for an afternoon

Today was spent with Dad, running errands, going for lunch at Da Fish Shack, and a quick afternoon snorkel. It had been awhile since I last snorkelled. Although I love to spend time  in the water, I’ll admit that regular life stuff often gets in the way. The stereotypical “island lifestyle” isn’t a reality for most people here, myself included (we have jobs! we have responsibilities!), so I cherish weekends like this where I get to spend not one, but 2 DAYS (!!) in the sea.

I’m feeling recharged and relaxed. Participating in a community events + spending time with friends and family + getting outside + eating good food felt so right. My heart is happy. Hope yours is too.

Love & Light,



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