Full Moon Feelings

Full Moon Feelings

On Tuesday’s full moon, I went to a yoga class at Bliss and it was beautiful.

On a rooftop, overlooking the banana trees from the nursery next door, giant silver moon rising in front of us.

It had been five months since I had gone to a yoga class and I was feeling slightly apprehensive- would I be clumsy and off-balance? (That little voice in my head, nagging me with fear and doubt.)

The voice quieted as the practice began. As we moved, I was focused, I was in the flow, I was strong and confident and grounded. It just clicked.

And then! At the end of the practice, in Savasana, something wonderful happened. I usually get distracted in Savasana; during my practice, I often feel much more present when my body is in motion, rather than in stillness. This time, however, was different.

As I laid in stillness, names and faces of people that have been in my life this year appeared in my head. I thought of old friends, of former coworkers from the restaurant, of people who I may have only shared space with a few times, of family members near and far, of the people I’ve connected with on this tiny rock- and I felt a deep sense of GRATITUDE. I didn’t fixate on any one person,or harbour any resentment. I simply saw them, thanked them, and moved on.

I’m grateful for the people that come and go from my life. I’ve struggled with the letting go part – friends I’ve lost touch with, lovers I  don’t love anymore – and have mourned the loss of the connection and intimacy that once was there. But I know that not everyone can be in my life forever. They’re not meant to be. And rather than thinking back on our shared moments with a sense of loss, or regret, it feels so. much. better. to be grateful. To thank those people for those moments, for the joy we shared, for the lessons they taught me (knowingly or unknowingly).

“Finding the good and the lessons in things allows us to move through them and on to new experiences. If you want to stay stuck in the same place and keep getting spanked with the same lessons over and over, be negative, resentful, and victimised. If you want to get over your issues and rock your life, be grateful, look for the good and learn.” -Jen Sincero, author of the equally hilarious and profound book “You Are a Badass” 

Gratitude is a life changer!

Love & Light,